Victoria’s Secret Black Friday free tote: here’s what was in it!

03 Dec 2012

If you saw my Black Friday 2012 post, you know that I purchased a velours hoodie and pants from Victoria’s Secret. With my purchase I received a free tote bag filled with 4 beauty ‘must haves’, as Victoria’s Secret described it. I will show you the clothes I got a different time: today I just want to show you the freebies, because the original email with the ‘ad’ (click here to check it out) for this didn’t show the products that well. I’m just doing this in case Victoria’s Secret decides to offer this tote again.

Victorias Secret Victoria's Black Friday 2012 Free Gift Purchase Bag Beauty gifts

The tote itself is huge and is covered on sequins that can easily come off (I’ll show you how big the bag actually is when I show you the clothes I got). Inside were these 4 items:

ï‚· Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Scented Body Mist (75 ml/2.5 fl oz)
ï‚· Beauty Rush Shiny Kiss Flavored Gloss (3 g/.46 oz)
ï‚· Vicoria’s Secret Seduction Eau de Parfum (1.5 ml/.05 fl oz)
ï‚· Love My Body Amazing All Over Body Lotion (55 ml/2 fl oz)

As you can see, these are all smaller sizes, except for the lip gloss.

Do I think it was worth making a purchase on Black Friday just to get this tote and contents?

Nope! If you shop at Victoria’s Secret often, you probably already own at least one of these items… I know I already had the full size body mist and the lip gloss. Also, instead of getting a travel size bottle, you get a sample (!) of the eau de parfum… Hmmm, if I had know this I wouldn’t have bothered placing my order specifically on Black Friday. Oh well! I did enjoy the free shipping.

Hope this was helpful! 🙂


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