Outfit of the day ft. my new boat shoes by Burnetie!

18 Nov 2012

Here’s my outfit from today. As always: nothing too special. Just comfortable and still put together (in my opinion). On my feet I’m wearing my new Yacht shoes from Burnetie. Yes, I got another pair of shoes! A girl can never have enough shoes, right? Right. 🙂

Burnetie Shoes Yacht

Burnetie Shoes Yacht

When I was offered to pick a pair of shoes from Burnetie’s website for this review, I couldn’t say no. Especially after spotting these boat shoes and reading their ‘about us’ section: Burnetie Shoes makes shoes in an almost “zero waste” environment. As evidence of their commitment to the environment, Burnetie shoes are made up of 50% to 60% reused rubber. Very cool!

 Burnetie Shoes Yacht

Here’s a closer look at the shoes. They are charcoal, have a canvas frame and a leather trim. Very preppy, yet very comfortable and sporty looking! I did notice that they get dirty easily, but luckily my hubby has a can of shoe whitener that I will be using.

Burnetie Shoes Yacht

15% off and free shipping
The shoes I got (these) retail for $65. Burnetie Shoes is now offering free shipping within the US for a limited time. You also get 15% of when you enter code “15% OFF”. Take a look if you in need for a new pair of shoes. 😉

By the way, do you like my giant frown in the first picture? I hate it…


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  1. they’re cute!

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