Show some love for my friend in New Jersey

I want to take a short break from babies and beauty to share something completely with you. One of my dear friends Nadine, who you might know from my blog (she has written several reviews as a guest blogger) has been stuck in her apartment without electricity for almost five days now.

She lives in New Jersey (one of the states that was hit hard by superstorm Sandy) and luckily she has gotten through it with no property damage. However, she’s been without power since Monday. Power estimates for her town are November 5th… or longer, nobody really knows.


Can you all do me a favor? Can you please head on over to her blog ‘Night Caffeine‘ and leave her a quick message? I’m sure she’ll love that!! I just want to let her know that we’re all thinking about her. :-) Click here to visit her blog. Thanks!

You can leave a comment, would love to hear from you!.

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