On My Nails: Pink and Silver Metallic Crackle by Julep

On My Nails: Pink and Silver Metallic Crackle by Julep
19 Oct 2012

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People who’ve been following my blog for a while know that I don’t really care for crackle nail polish. I think it looks pretty in ads, but in real life I think it looks like ‘old’ nail polish that’s been on your nails for weeks… especially if you have short nails like I do.

However, a crackle manicure does last a long time on your nails. Because of the baby I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my nails, so crackle nail polish is ideal for me now!

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I’ve been wearing my silver metallic crackle since the beginning of the month. The first week I wore it with a light brown, the second week I changed it to a dark brown and now I’m sporting a bright pink. The polishes last a week for me, without chipping. Love it!

My polishes are from Julep (can you tell I love Julep?). The pink polish is called Drew, I received in my intro box. The metallic sliver crackle (named Glenda) is from the latest Halloween box.

I actually quite like this combo. I love that Julep polishes are all very shiny and ‘fresh’ looking. What do you think?

Julep Nail Polish Nails Maven Box Monthly Subscription



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