My September Favorites (better late than never!)

08 Oct 2012

Woohaa! I haven’t done a Favorites post since June! I can’t believe how time flies. My baby boy (click here for his adorable little smile) is now 9 weeks old, he’s growing so fast! We already have a big box of clothes that don’t fit him anymore! He went from 9 pounds to 12 pounds in just a month.

Anyway, here are my favorite makeup/skin care/hair care items of the month of September. Just three, because I haven’t been buying a lot of new things, I’ve just been using what I have.

1. My first favorite item is a skin care related one. It’s the DNA Total Repair by NEOVA. This product is amazing! I will post a full review on this product soon.

NEOVA DNA Total Repair skincare skin care

2. My second favorite is my Make Up Forever HD Foundation. I had been using BB Creams for so long that I had forgotten how great this foundation is! It has great coverage (I’ve been having some breakouts, so I really need something to cover them), lasts all day and matches my skin perfectly. Love!

Make Up Forever HD Foundation

3. My third and last favorite has been the Elixir Organic Argan by Julep. I received this in one of my monthly boxes (don’t remember which one anymore) and I’ve recently started using it. It’s meant for your skin or hair, but I use it just on my hair. I particularly use it on my ends, I love it!

By the way, not every Argan/Moroccan oil is the same. I used to use one by a different brand and it wasn’t that good at all. It left my hair too oily and it didn’t matter how much I used. This one by Julep works great!

Elixir Organic Argan Julep

So yes, these were my favorites. What are yours?


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