Upcoming Review: NEOVA DNA Total Repair

21 Sep 2012

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After a long summer with lots of sun and lots of pregnancy hormones, it’s time to revive my skin! 😀 Time to focus on my skin care again. I plan on ‘repairing’ my skin with a product that was sent to me for review purposes: DNA Total Repair by Neova.

NEOVA DNA Total Repair skincare skin care

This is how Neova describes this product:

Neova DNA Total Repair is a breakthrough formula that repairs the damage done to the skin that causes fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and skin thickening. It contains a blend of liposome-encapsulated DNA repairing ingredients that speed damage recovery and intensify the skin’s ability to heal itself.

NEOVA DNA Total Repair skincare skin care

I will try this product out for a few weeks and come back with a full review. Can’t wait to see results!

Update: my review is up! You can find it here.



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