Review: Brightening Treatment Masks by Karuna (Asian cloth mask)

29 Jun 2012

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Sunday is usually the day when I use a face mask. It’s a nice treatment that I really enjoy. It’s relaxing and I like how it instantly makes my skin more radiant. Bright, glowing skin appears to be a signature of summer and I’m happy to participate! By applying a mask you can have that in as little as 15 minutes. Instant gratification! 😉

Karuna mask cloth brightening treatment

This passed Sunday I used a mask that is made for that sole purpose, to brighten the face: Karuna’s Brightening Treatment Mask. It’s actually not a traditional mask, it’s an all-natural cloth mask, made from bio-degradable wood pulp. Unlike regular sheets or cloths it retains 50% more moisture than synthetic and this helps pores to fully absorb the ingredients which are plant extracts, peptides and anti-oxidants. The result is said to be a fresher-looking, smoother-feeling complexion.

I received one to try and below are my thoughts. :-)

What is it?
Karuna’s Brightening Mask is a revolutionary mask uses Grapefruit Seed Extract to deflect environmental toxins from the skin, with rare Asian plant extracts that help create a more even skin tone. Karuna masks also contain a custom blended Beauty Boost. Plant extracts, peptides, and anti-oxidants bring care and compassion to all skin types with a feeling of hydration, nourishment and renewal. Plus, Karuna masks are made of all-natural fiber and are a truly green alternative to the synthetic competition.

What are my thoughts?
Like I said, this is a cloth mask. I’ve tried sheet masks before (when I was in Asia earlier this year), so I am somewhat familiar with them. What I do is I wash my face thoroughly. Then I unfold the cloth and place it on my face. There are openings for my eyes and mouth, so I make sure I place it correctly.

Karuna mask cloth brightening treatment

I purposely didn’t post a pic with the mask on, because honestly… I didn’t want to scare you!

The next step is to remove the backing and to relax for a bit. When I’m done (after 20 minutes or so), I peel the mask from my face and toss it. There’s no need to rinse your face.

 Instant gratification: with this mask I always end up with a fresh, soft and healthy looking face right afterwards. Love!
 Convenient: I apply it to my skin, lay back for 20 minutes and then throw it away after. Easy breezy.
 Quick: you do not have to rinse your face after using. No mess either!
 Great benefits: the grapefruit seed extract protects and the Asian plant extracts help to revive the skin
 Paraben-free and made with plant extracts that work on all skin types.

 If you want to see any lasting effects on your skin, you have to use this regularly, at least once a week (this doesn’t just apply to this particular cloth mask though, applies to all masks!)
 Cloth masks in general are a little pricier than regular cream masks.

Where to buy?
The Karuna Brightening Mask is sold as a one-month’s supply of 4 individually wrapped masks for $28 and are available at Karuna Skin.

Have you tried cloth masks before? What do you think?


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