Review: Exuviance OptiLight Tone Corrector (diminishes dark spots)

18 Jun 2012

As you know, I try out a lot of skin care products. It’s something I like to do, I can’t help myself. 😀 I’m always on the hunt for great products and when I find something I like, I can’t wait to tell you about it on the site!

Exuviance OptiLight Tone Corrector

This review is about a skin tone corrector that I received for review purposes. It’s called the OptiLight Tone Corrector and it’s a treatment that reduces the intensity of dark spots and corrects uneven skin tone. It’s by Exuviance, a brand that I’ve tried before. I’ve been using this particular product for over a month now and it’s GREAT! I’ve already showed it to you in my ‘May favorites radiant skin edition’ as one of my favorite products of the months (click here if you missed that post), but today I’ll go more into the details.

What is it?
Exuviance OptiLight Tone Corrector is a potent targeted treatment that helps diminish the look of dark spots. NeoGlucosamine, Retinol, Vitamin C and Turmeric help correct an uneven skin tone and reduce the intensity of existing dark spots while optical diffusers create an instant brightness for a brilliant new clarity.

In other words:

ï‚· Active science and proven botanicals diminish the look of dark spots without harsh bleaching agents
ï‚· NeoGlucosamine gently exfoliates to break up pigment clusters, while Retinol
and Vitamin C help reduce the intensity of existing spots
ï‚· Turmeric and Alpine Plants help prevent new spots from forming
ï‚· Optical diffusers create an instant brightness.

My skin issues
I have some red/brown spots that are leftovers from breakouts. You know, you get a pimple, it goes away after a few days but you’re left with a horrible reddish spot? Yeah, those… 🙁 Because of that I have an uneven skin tone: my cheeks are a lot more pink than the rest of my face, because that’s where I used to get a lot of breakouts.

What are my thoughts?
This product is AMAZING! It has done SO much good for my skin, I can’t even explain! The scars I have, have almost faded away and my skin is looking so much more ‘healthy’. And this is just after 4 weeks of use. The people around me think it’s because of my pregnancy, but I KNOW it’s this product. I started seeing the difference after only a few days of use. I apply the cream twice a day: morning and night. It dries up matte, so it doesn’t leave your face greasy.

If you have dark spots, an uneven skin tone or acne scars, give this a shot! It’s a little expensive, but I feel like over the years I’ve spent a lot more money on products that did not work. I’m extremely happy that I’ve found something that does work for my skin. I’m definitely buying a second tube when I run out. Actually, I’m thinking about getting a back-up right now, so I don’t run out. 😉

Exuviance OptiLight Tone Corrector

Side note
When using products like these, it is very important to protect your skin from the sun. Remember to limit sun exposure to prevent darkening from happening again. And use sunscreen or apply a moisturizer that already has SPF in it!

Where to buy?
Exuviance OptiLight Tone Corrector (1oz, with a pump) is available for $62 at and select beauty retailers. I’ve also seen it on Amazon. Yes, it’s a bit pricey like I said, but trust me… if you suffer from these skin issues or just want to give your skin a ‘boost’, it’s definitely worth the investment!



  1. DalaLuz Says: June 22, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    This one is so on my wish list. If this is the real secret of your glowing skin these last pictures its an absolute must have! I am really so shocked that this past year I have these blotches of discolored skin coming through. I thought I had gotten away scotch free from my ‘i don’t need sunscreen because i almost never get a sunburn’-days, but nope, there it is. Age Spots! Sun Damage! Nooooooooooo….
    It sounds like its really worth its hefty price tag, but I hope I can score a sample first. Otherwise my sweets might keel over if it does not work for me. Wonderful man, he calls them fresh freckles <3

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