Beauty Question Answered: Fixing your broken pressed powder

Has this ever happened to you? I almost cried when I saw it… I had just purchased this compact (MAC Cosmetics Blot Powder in ‘dark’) a month ago. I bought it to carry in my handbag for touch-ups throughout the day (to stop my face from being oily) and I was sad to find it cracked the other day. :-(

How to fix your broken pressed powder

I know that some cosmetics counters/stores replace it for you for free, but I honestly didn’t feel like going to a MAC store. The nearest one for me is about 40 minutes away…

So I decided to ‘MacGyver’ (as my hubby described it…hah!) something myself and come up with my own solution! Of course I didn’t come up with this myself, it’s been done before.

Below you’ll see how I save my broken pressed powder compact. Hope this helps someone. Let me know if you end up trying it someday! :-)

What you will need
o Rubbing alcohol (you can find this in a first aid kit for example)
o A spray bottle (easier to use than that big bottle!)
o A spoon
o Q-tips

How to fix your broken pressed powder

You will also need a smooth surface to break the rest of the powder. You will also need a (paper) towel, in case it gets messy.

Break up the remaining solid pieces with the back of the spoon (yup, even more sad than finding it broken!). Once the solid pieces are broken up, spray a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Alcohol dries really fast, so just spray a little at a time.
Take your spoon again and carefully compress the powder until it’s all the same consistency and it’s evenly distributed in the compact. Add some alcohol as you go along to make sure it’s all evenly coated. Get it as smooth as you can.

How to fix your broken pressed powder

Let it dry for a couple of hours (or overnight). When it’s dry, it’s ready to use! You might want to clean up the powder that dried outside of the pan using a Q-tip with alcohol.

Ok, it won’t win a beauty award, but it’s ready to use again! ;-)

How to fix your broken pressed powder

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