Review: the Dry’n Shape system by Sigma (dries and shapes brushes in 4-6 hours)

10 Jul 2011

Sigma Beauty brushes brush Dry’n Shape System

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Sigma Beauty releasing a new product, the Dry’n Shape System. You can find this entry here.

I mentioned that something that is ‘revolutionary’ and ‘patent pending’ just screams my name. Hihi! It just sounds so intriguing. 😀 Also, I hate waiting for my brushes to dry and I think the Dry’n Shape will come in handy for me when I travel. I didn’t have it during my recent Europe trip, but I’m happy to announce that I own it now! Below are my thoughts.

Sigma Beauty brushes brush Dry’n Shape System

The Dry’n Shape System is basically a piece of cloth that looks a lot like a normal brush roll. It’s not though! There are 12 slots with a band that goes around each handle and each bristle section. It is said to not only completely dry your brushes in a fraction of the time, but also reshape them to their original form. I describe the product in more detail here.

Sigma Beauty brushes brush Dry’n Shape System

I cleaned my brushes with Dawn dish washing liquid and a little bit of olive oil. Left, you see my disgusting brushes, on the picture on the right they are clean. 😀 After I was done, I carefully pressed the bristles to remove excess water. Then I put the damp brushes into the Dry’n Shape.

Shhhhhh…drying brushes! 😉

Sigma Beauty brushes brush Dry’n Shape System
Sigma Beauty brushes brush Dry’n Shape System
The next morning (I did this late at night before bed), the brushes were completely dry. This was about 6 hours later. The brushes look as good a new with the bristles in their original form.

Do I recommend it?

Yes! Especially if you have expensive brushes or if you’re just extremely fond of your brushes like me. 😉 The Dry’n Shape will quickly dry your brushes and most importantly (for me at least), it will keep your brushes look as new. It’s a neat thing to have. Worth the money, in my opinion!

The Dry’n Shape System retails for $29.00 from Sigma. You can find it here. By the way, fill out HB2011 or IMATS2011 at checkout and it will give you a 10% discount. 🙂


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  1. This so has me wanting to revamp my brushes!

  2. wanting this item soooo baaahaad! Ik wist dat je er positief over zou zijn!

  3. Oew hebben hebben hebben!

  4. Dit lijkt mij echt handig! Nu liggen ze maar op een handoekje te drogen!

    xxx Camilla

  5. Ja, precies! Ik gebruikte altijd keukenrol. Dit ziet er stukken beter uit 😀 (en ‘t droogt sneller!)

  6. I know what you mean! I feel like buying new brushes now and ‘starting over’ 😀

  7. Sorry? 😉

    Ik kan niks negatiefs bedenken. Misschien de prijs? Het is niet goedkoop, maar zeker wel je geld waard! Dus nee…kan niks negatiefs bedenken… LOL!

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