Review: Obagi Blue Peel Radiance (skin care)

26 Apr 2011

Hey everyone! I promised that if I would end up with a ‘brighter, more youthful glow’ after getting the Blue Peel Radiance, I would let you know (check out my ‘upcoming review here). Well, here I am! I got my Obagi salon treatment for half price on Groupon two weeks ago, I only paid $45 (original price: $90). I went last Monday and the salon I went to was a brand new place, only 15 minutes away. I love Groupon!

​​Obagi Blue Peel Radiance? ​ ​
The Blue Peel Radiance is a chemical peel by the brand Obagi. It’s a mild, 45-minute peel that mitigates the effects of aging, sun damage, and other skin conditions, leaving the skin looking smoother and tighter. As dead skin cells fall away, new ones grow, making skin look brightened, revitalized, and, with special glasses, almost touchably three-dimensional.

​​My experience ​ ​
The main reason I wanted to do this, is because I have a lot of red spots on my face (residual redness from pimples/acne scars). Even though I’m not in my teens anymore, I’m still acne prone: I have extremely oily skin, enlarged pores and the occasional breakouts.

I have to start off by saying that the treatment I got did not last 45 minutes at all. In fact, before she began the woman who gave me the peel said the Groupon treatment they were offering was the ‘short version’. In stead of giving me a facial first, she went over my face with a toner and started applying the peel right away. When I heard that the treatment did not included a facial, I was happy that I had thoroughly cleansed my face that morning….

I have to admit, the peel hurt! The esthetician had warned me beforehand, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. When she first put the blue peel on, it felt nice and warm. Within seconds it started heating up and soon my face felt like it was on fire. FIRE!! I silently endured it for a couple of minutes (I wanted to scream!) and then she washed it off. The Obagi Blue Peel Radiance is definitely a ‘chemical’ peel…ouch! But hey…no pain, no gain right?

The whole treatment, from start (the consultation) to finish, lasted about 20 minutes. My face did look a lot brighter and nicer right after the treatment. It was ok, but I wasn’t ‘blown away’. The next day, however, I wanted to cry. When I woke up, I looked in the bathroom mirror and discovered that my face looked like I had fallen face first on a BBQ. No joke! I had patches of thick, burnt skin hanging off my face (literally!) I didn’t take any pictures of it, because honestly, nobody would have enjoyed these… I was expecting ‘some’ peeling, but what I had was pretty major. I had dry, dead skin all over my face. I was happy that the dead skin layer was coming off, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so extreme!

The whole peeling process lasted for about 5 days. Every day I used my Clarisonic face brush, combined with an exfoliating cleanser, to help remove the dead skin and it worked like a charm. I also applied my Reviva Labs ‘Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester & DMAE Cream’ (yes, that’s its name!) twice a day, which helps fight future skin aging and treats past skin damages. I continued using my Coral Actives ‘Acne Serum’ (that contains 6% Benzoyl Peroxide and Sea Whip Extract) and the ’Retinol Exfoliating Cleanser’ to prevent breakouts.

​​Overall ​ ​
I’m really happy that I had this done! I loved how it improved my skin’s look and feel:

☻ My skin looks brighter. I have a healthy glow now, love it!
☻ My skin tone has improved: I had some scarring due to past acne and you can barely see it now.
☻ My skin texture has improved as well: my skin feels softer and tighter.

Exactly 7 days after the peel

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance

On these pictures I’m not wearing any makeup on my skin: no foundation, powder or primer! Just moisturizer.

The esthetician said that a series of 4 to 6 peels will provide best overall results. I wish I could afford doing six in a row…. However, I’m going to keep exfoliating my face at home and I’m also going to keep an eye on Groupon and wait for the next deal with this treatment! It does require some ‘down time’ (I had a monster face for a few days), but it was definitely worth it! 🙂



Kizzy, blogger behind Kizzy Online, originally created this blog to use as her personal life journal. When she moved from the Netherlands to the United States in 2010, she started focusing more on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She also writes about her life as a wife and a mom of 2 in San Diego, California.


  1. i think you look great!:) I also have some acne marks that i would like to get rid of. I was considering doing laser resurfacing, but i think that might be a little overkill for my problem.

  2. Thanks! I think my skin could look better though 😉

    Definitely try a (chemical) peel, I was amazed at how much dead skin fel off!

  3. Your skin looks really bright and fresh. Tell me did you stay at home during the down time when you were peeling or did you just scrub your face before you went to work? What about wearing makeup?

  4. Ziet er goed uit Kiz

  5. I am a medical Aesthetician and everything post peel was not proper protocol. Did the aesthetician consult you and give you instruction on post care? I advise you to ask many more questions. Before your next peel be sure to discontinue the use of any AHA’s, BHA’s and retinoids 3 days before the peel. These products cause increases sensitivity. After the peel, do not use any kind of exfoliants. That is the second worst thing you could do after a peel. First being picking. You want to let the skin exfoliate naturally, after having a peel. Using exfoilators can cause uneven skin tone and scarring which would prevent the peel from having its full potential. But I’m glad you got good results.

  6. Some people with dark skin have discoloration problems with peels, but it looks like this one was not too deep and therefore not a problem for you. Thanks for the review, a lot of people are searching for a peel appropriate for people with pigmented skin tones.

  7. Alli42479 Says: January 6, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    I must comment that you get what you pay for with Groupon. Groupon is great for restaurants, however it is ruining the salon and spa industry by training the client to always go for the cheapest service at whichever salon and spa is offering the deal. No loyalty to any particular salon and spa. In our industry loyalty is KEY. I agree with skingirl that what you did afterwards is definitely not the proper protocol. You should never pick or try and scrub off the skin that is peeling away. Your skin would look better had you not done these things and also if you made the investment into proper skincare, not just taking advantage of discounted services. If you want beautiful skin you have to make the investment. Like most things in this world, if you want them bad enough.

  8. Ndelorio Says: March 15, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    As a plastic surgeon I am saddened by what I read above. Groupon may save you money but you got what you paid for an luckily were not scarred or left with hyperpigmentation.
    As stated below pre and post peel protocol was not followed. Please consider future peels with a more reputable provider. Your blog is great for consumers only if they are well educated on what they should and should not do and expect, someone could read this and think you dibnt follow all those protocols the don’t need to either. Enjoy your beautiful skin but please be careful.

  9. Jennifer Quigley Says: April 1, 2014 at 11:04 am

    I too am a medical Aesthetician and I fully agree with my fellow colleagues comments below. I have performed that peel many times and yes it gets warm, however using any or all of the products that you listed is going to hands down bring that peel deeper. You are very lucky that you didn’t have any post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and or scarring. Post care is equally important and exfoliating as close as 3-5 days out would never be my recommendation. Groupon while it can be useful for deals on entertainment, it should not be allowed to let spas offer these treatments without a person being properly seen. Glad it all went well for you and keep your sunblock on!

  10. If anybody is reading this 4 years later like I am, PLEASE don’t do what this blogger did to her skin before and after a peel!!! I almost wanted to cry when I read the exfoliating part!!! I too am a master esthetician and the person applying the peel should have her license revoked for not properly I instructing her client.

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