Review: NuMe Fashionista Professional Styling Iron (and a special discount code!)

22 Apr 2011

NuMe giveaway

You might have caught it yesterday when I mentioned the new hair brush I’ve been using: I’ve been straightening my hair again!

I used to do it frequently before, but after I moved to the US I’d decided (for convenience sake!) to rock my natural curls for a short while. Also, my old straightener that I had bought in The Netherlands wasn’t working that great anymore, particularly not on American voltage. Anyway, that ‘short while’ became a year. Woohaa!

When I received a flat iron to review for the site, I couldn’t wait to use it! Even though I love my curls, I secretly prefer my hair straight. I just love the way it looks. And after a year of walking around with curls, I couldn’t wait to try a new look!

The flat iron I’ve been using is by Nume and is called the ‘Fashionista‘ Professional Styling Iron. NuMe is a brand that just recently launched in the US. It’s very popular in Europe, mainly distributed to professional hair salons. They were actually the first to come up with 100% solid ceramic plates. Isn’t that interesting? Anyway, on to the flat iron!

NuMe Fashionista Professional Styling Iron

What is it?

The NuMe Fashionista is a versatile one-inch iron with tourmaline infused plates that will drastically reduce static and frizz to your locks, leaving you with gorgeous glossier hair. It has advanced technology and smart features include a dynamic alignment system that ensures perfect contact between your hair and our 100% tourmaline ceramic plates. The ceramic ion technology generates gentle far infrared heat and by infusing plates with crushed tourmaline crystals, 600% more negative ions help create the perfect frizz free hair without any heat damage for quicker, superior results.

NuMe Fashionista Professional Styling Iron

*Precision-engineered 11/3 inch floating plates (floating plates do not leave any creases in your hair as you flat iron)
*Temperature Control: 140-410 degrees F allows you to set the perfect heat setting for you hair type to prevent overheating
*100% tourmaline-infused ceramic plates are smooth and soft on hair, preventing dry and damaged hair
*Infrared heat technology seals in moisture for extra shine and luster
*600% more negative ion technology reduces static and eliminate frizz for shinier, smoother, manageable hair
*Ergonomic design is easy to hold, handle and manipulate
*360 degree salon-style swivel power cord allows for easy maneuvering as you style
*Heats up with within six to ten seconds, reducing wait time
*Rounded Barrels create curls or flips your hair
*Built-in converter handles dual voltage from 110v to 240v (handy when you travel in between US and Europe!)

NuMe Fashionista Professional Styling Iron

What I think
I’ve been straightening my hair with the Fashionista for a couple of days now and I love it. It works really fast. Even on my big head of very curly hair. 😀

I split my hair in sections before I start, go over it once with the iron and it’s straight. Very very easy to use. There are no fancy buttons or other things that you have to ‘study’ before using it. It has an on and off button and a led light that tells you when it’s on. The power cord is long and swivels, so it doesn’t get twisted. Also, it heats up extremely fast. I thought the claim that it heats up within 6-10 seconds was an overreaction, but it does exactly that… as advertised!

The Fashionista goes over my hair easily and leaves it extremely soft. Besides the heating up time, this really surprised me as well! My old styling tool did the job, but it didn’t leave my hair as smooth as this one does. My hair is now so soft and frizz-free that I want to keep touching it…haha!

You can find the the Fashionista Professional Styling Iron on NuMe’s website. It retails for $325, currently on sale for $224. It comes in two version: zebra or hot pink, both 1″. NuMe also carries hair care products, hair extensions and accessories, all available on the site.

Deal alert!
The people at NuMe are offering ALL Kizzy online readers a chance to buy an introductory package for just $89.99 with my special coupon code! 🙂

The package includes not one, but two styling tools: the Couture (which is a 1 1/3 inch flat iron that normally retails for $240) and the NuMe Petite styling tool, that has a value of $125. You also receive a couple of accessories and hair care products. Find out below how to take advantage of this deal!

NuMe Couture flat iron

click to enlarge

This is what you get: Couture Professional Styling Iron (rose), Petite Styling Tool (hot pink), Pouch (black), Styling Comb and Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

How? Enter the coupon code: KIZZY01 here. The introductory package is valued at $573 at full price, but if you use the code above you only pay $89.99. And yes, NuMe ships internationally!

Coupon valid until: May 5, 2011

Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me! And no… I’m not making any sort of percentage on it. 😉

Happy shopping!


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