Beauty Question Answered: Longer-lasting Eyeshadow

18 Mar 2011

Every now and then people ask me skincare or makeup related questions. I usually answer them directly, but sometimes I answer them here!

Today’s question:

Nadine asks: “How do I prevent my eyeshadow ending up in my creases like this after a few hours? Reapply?”

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Use an eye shadow primer! It’s a must have. A primer helps to avoid the situation above. You know, the situation when you take a look in the mirror and realize that your eyeshadow has gathered into a greasy line in the crease of your eye…. yikes! We’ve all been there though. An eye shadow primer will put an end to that!

There are a lot of different benefits to using eye shadow primer. If you want your eye shadow to last all day (or all evening) long, you need to use an eye shadow primer. And besides making your eye makeup last until you take it off, it also makes your eye shadow look more vibrant. It creates a layer on your eyelid, that allows the pigment to have something to stick to and makes the colors pop even more. The color doesn’t fade into the skin.

Applying eye shadow primer is a little tricky: less is more! It takes just a tiny teeny amount on each eyelid. Start applying it close to your eyelashes (with your finger or a concealer brush) and then go up. Apply to the lid until it seems to disappear into the skin. Smooth out any visible crinkles or lines. Wait about 30 seconds to sit and then apply your eyeshadow as usual.

When I do my makeup, I usually apply foundation primer on my face first, then eye shadow primer on my eye lids. After that I continue with the rest of my makeup. My favorite anti-crease eye shadow primer is one by Too Faced: ‘Shadow Insurance’.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a full-coverage policy against flaking, creasing and fading eye shadows. This silicone based primer creates a tight bond between your skin and shadow, so you can rest easy that your eye shadow is taken care of. Now you can sleep at night!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance retails for $18. If you can’t find it, Urban Decay also has a great primer called the ‘Eyeshadow Primer Potion’. Primer Potion also sells for $18. I, however, prefer Shadow Insurance, because the packaging is more convenient. They are both sold at Sephora, Ulta and online. I hope this helps! 🙂


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