Review: ERNO LASZLO Regular Normalizer Shake-It

04 Feb 2011

ERNO LASZLO Regular Normalizer Shake-It

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Shake-It? What is that?

Shake-It is a tinted toner with a touch of color that evens out skin tone all day. It’s a lightweight, tinted treatment provides sheer, natural coverage while effectively absorbing excess oil and minimizing the appearance of pores. It leaves your skin firmed, flawless and fresh.

You can wear shake-It alone or under foundation. It leaves a transparent film of coloring with a natural matte finish. Here are the details.
Erno Laszlo Regular Normalizer Shake-it
• Two-pHase treatment – 90% toner, 10% color.
• Evens out skin tone and leaves a natural matte finish that is virtually invisible.
• Keeps skin firmed and toned.
• Controls surface oils, preventing shine throughout the day.
• Minimizes appearance of pores.
• Oil-free, thirteen sheer, weightless shades.

This is how I use it: It’s available in 10 sheer shades, my shade is ‘golden beige‘ (the darkest color). I shake it (hence the name!) to mix the color with the treatment. Then I put some of a cotton pad and apply it over my face. It’s wet, so I let it try and then I apply my primer and foundation. If it’s a ‘no foundation’ day, I apply two layers of it for more coverage.

Erno Laszlo Regular Normalizer Shake-it

I really like this product. I love that it’s makeup, but at the same time it’s good for my skin. It’s formulated to give your skin a flawless, healthy look and as you know, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. My skin has gone through so much these past few years (mild acne, skin allergies, cold weather, hot weather…). It really needed something like this!

I like to wear makeup without being concerned about my skin. This product does not totally control the shine on my face, but honestly, I did not expect it to do that. My skin is extremely (extremely!) oily. However, it does even out my skin, minimize the appearance of my pores and makes my face feel firm, which I love!

ERNO LASZLO Regular Normalizer Shake-It retails for $45 (you get 200 ml/6.8 oz.). You can purchase it here.


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  1. Interesting product, although it does not exactly have much sex appeal in the packaging… As it is a large bottle, does it keep well after shaking?

  2. I absolutely agree with you. Especially since the color in it is brown….

    You shake it and after a while it normalizes (so the tint goes to the bottom again). Since it’s a toner you actually use quite a bit of it at a time, so I don’t really think the bottle will last that long.

    Great question! 🙂

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