Review: CURL-ease, a towel for girls with curls

14 Dec 2010

Hi guys! I’ve recently received something adorable and extremely helpful and I can’t wait to share it with you. 🙂 For the last two weeks I’ve been using a special towel after I wash my hair, called CURL-ease. It’s a towel for us girls with natural curls.

The CURL-ease is a towel that is lightweight, 100% cotton and that dries hair quickly, while decreasing frizz. It’s designed specifically for wavy, curly, thick or textured hair. All you have to do is wrap your hair with it after washing it. After 15-30 minutes (depending on the length and thickness of your hair), your curls are set and ready to go.

Step 1:
Gently release excess water from hair by cupping the bottom of hair and squeezing upwards
Step 2: Use styling products continuing the cup and squeeze approach
Step 3: Lean head forward and wrap the towel tightly around head with corner of towel as your starting point
Step 4: Twist the portion of the towel hanging down and create a ‘bun’ on top of head
Step 5: Leave on head for 15-30 minutes
Step 6: Remove towel, give hair a shake and you’re ready to go!

Here’s how to use the towel in pictures:

CURL ease towel
CURL ease towel
CURL ease towel

​​My thoughts:​​​​ ​ ​

I have to admit, the first few times I had some trouble wrapping the towel around my head. It’s a little hard if your hair is as long as mine! But I got the hang of it pretty fast.

What I liked about this towel is that it has cut the drying time of my hair! I used to have to walk around with a towel on my shoulders for at least an hour (which is a pain!). It only takes 30 minutes now. And even better: the longer I leave it on, the better my hair looks (in other words, less frizz!).

​​Where to buy:​​​​ ​
CURL-ease comes in white, pink and chocolate brown and makes the perfect holiday gift for the curly girl. It retails for $19.99 which might be a little pricey for a cotton towel. However, if you are like me and have ‘difficult’ hair and your goal is to have frizz-free curls, it’s worth it!

For more ideas on drying your curls or to order one yourself, go to (a super cute website!).




  1. I find that air drying my hair minimizes frizz the most. With the right products, that is 🙂 But this seems like a great solution if you don’t have the time or patience to let your hair air dry!

  2. omy i need that towel! Ive curly hair and its always frizzy!
    Ive tried almost every product to defrizz my hair, still havent found the holy grail for my hair!

  3. Dat is handig ding

  4. I like this a lot also! I found them on Amazon as well.

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