My makeup storage (the Clear Cube, but cheaper!)

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A few weeks ago I told you about the new ‘must-have‘ in the online beauty community: the Clear Cube. The Clear Cube is exactly what the name says it is: a clear box to store stuff in. The Clear Cube is becoming very popular for storage and organization of makeup. By storing your stuff in this clear box, you don’t need to go through their whole ‘stash’ when you’re applying make up. Everything will be neat and visible. It’s made out of a durable material (acrylic), so it will last forever. Click here if you want to read my original article.

The Clear Cube costs $275. And because we’re not all Kim Kardashian, I’ve been looking for an inexpensive alternative. I found this 5-drawer jewelry chest a while back, also made from acrylic, that retails for $59.95.

But…*drumrolls*…I’ve recently found a better deal! I bought these ‘clear shirt & accessory drawers‘ a few weeks ago at The Container Store. Score! :-)

I have two, stacked on top of each other. I paid $17.99 per drawer and $6.99 for the dividers (set of 3). The total was $49.96. I also had a 10% off coupon (The Container Store has those all the time), so including tax the total was under $50!

And I love it! The drawers make everything so easy! And I also love the way it looks. I can honestly say this is the best make up organization I’ve ever had.

So here’s a peak in my personal make up collection! First time ever on my blog. Enjoy and don’t judge! ;-)

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  • http://www.deltacephei.nl Suzanne

    Dat is wel heel handig! Ik moet wel ff je Marine Life stelen hoor!

  • http://www.kizzy-online.com/ Kizzy

    Haha! Goed gezien ;-)

    Ik heb ‘m nog niet eens gebruikt! Erg he? It’s just too pretty!

  • http://dhini.nl Dhini

    Helaas kan ik die soort bakjes in Nederland kopen :(
    Ik zoek naar clear box voor storage van myn kwasten net als dit

  • Annigjen

    Wow that looks so pretty,
    unfortunately it is not sold over here :(
    but I would need a much bigger one ;)

  • http://onepercentofone.wordpress.com pinkie

    perfect! it works and looks good!

  • http://www.kizzy-online.com/ Kizzy

    Heb je al bij hobby winkels gekeken? Die hebben dat misschien wel!

  • http://www.kizzy-online.com/ Kizzy

    I could use a third one… ;-)

  • http://www.kizzy-online.com/ Kizzy

    Yeah, I love it! It doesn’t look messy and it’s still easy to use.

  • http://dhini.nl Dhini

    Ik heb bij Pippoos gekeken maar niet gevonden
    In USA complit he…!

  • http://www.flowerinurhair.blogspot.com Van

    OMG, dit is like sooo handig!!! Alles blijft op zn plaats!
    By the way, ure a lucky girl, al die artikeltjes die ik lees dat je weer es wat hebt gewonnen! Good for u!
    xoxo, V.

  • http://www.kizzy-online.com/ Kizzy

    Ja, ze zijn eigenlijk bedoeld voor shirts of accessoires, maar voor makeup werkt het ook goed!

    En inderdaad, heb wel erg veel geluk de laatste tijd (echt sinds kort, hoor!) Zou eigenlijk mee moeten doen met een loterij! ;-)


    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE IDEA/TIP! I used your link to the container store and found a 10% off coupon online. I just ordered and cannot wait for my containers to come in so I can finally organizer my make up!!!

  • http://www.kizzy-online.com/ Kizzy (Kizzy-online.com)

    You’re welcome, Evelin! :-) I still love mine!

  • Lluvey_yaya

    hi may i know where can i buy this> im in malaysia

  • Romana

    check this out
    available in malaysia noq

  • http://twitter.com/secondhandmomm Beth

    This is great! You win. I bought 2 – 2 drawer and 1 5 drawer at MUJU website. They are a Japanese company. I spent 95.00 but this included 13.00 for shipping. I love your website. You are so creative from Secondhandmom.com

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