Make up storage tip!

Make up storage tip!
28 Sep 2010

A while back I wrote about the Clear Cube: a clear box to store stuff in. The Clear Cube is becoming very popular under make up artists (or people who collect make up) to store and organize their make up. By storing their stuff in this clear box, they don’t need to go through their whole ‘stash’ when they’re applying make up. Everything will be neat and visible.

I personally think they’re nice, but I would never spend that much money on a storage container (prices start at $275!!) Granted, the material is different and the fact that it’s customizable makes it unique as well. It’s not plastic or glass: it’s made of acrylic.

Anyway, a visitor of the site felt the same and pointed me towards this acrylic baby:

acrylic box
5-drawer jewelry chest, also made from acrylic!

– Two drawers fitted with removable, adjustable dividers

– Two deep bottom drawers

– 10.5″ L x 6.25″ W x 7″ H

– Perfect for make up storage

She found it on this site and it’s only $59.95!
Also, if you search for ‘acrylic’ on the site, you’ll find all sorts of pretty acrylic drawer organizers, accessory trays and jewelry holders for a decent price!

Great tip!! Still not ‘cheap’, but definitely more affordable!

Something else, don’t forget about my upcoming product review!

I’m still trying out my three LashControl mascaras. So far I’m loving the pink one!
In case you missed it: LashControl mascara lets you manage the amount of mascara formula on the brush before it leaves the brush.

Review coming soon!



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  1. Do you have one of these, Kizzy? You have like, lots of make ups 😀

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