The Clear Cube: an expensive beauty must have!

06 Sep 2010

The Clear CubeThere’s a new ‘must-have’ in the online beauty community: the Clear Cube. The Clear Cube is exactly what the name says it is: a clear box to store stuff in. The Clear Cube is becoming very popular under make up artists (or people who collect make up) to store and organize their make up. By storing their stuff in this clear box, they don’t need to go through their whole ‘stash’ when they’re applying make up. Everything will be neat and visible.

The Clear Cube is different than the storage units you can find at The Container Store or Xenos. The material is different and the fact that it’s customizable makes it unique as well. It’s not plastic or glass: it’s made of acrylic. Acrylic is just over one inch thick, (32mm) and is bullet resistant. It’s durable, doesn’t break, doesn’t crack and doesn’t turn yellow over time.

The standard size for a cube is 12″ wide, 12″ deep and 15″ high (30x30x38 cm). However, for an additional fee you can customize yours and get it with/without handles, drawer inserts or lid. Each cube is made per order as orders are received.

I personally think they’re nice. I think a cube would look very stylish and fancy in your bathroom or on your vanity. It will keep your things organized, but still very visible so you don’t ‘forget’ what you have. If you own make up from the same brands that have the same (style of) packaging, it will look especially fancy! However, I would never pay $275 to own one of these things. Not even if the acrylic would be sprinkled with gold!

This said, you can purchase your very own Clear Cube on Keep in mind that it might take up to 2-4 week for your order to arrive and again, it won’t be cheap: prices start at $275. The site does ship internationally!

The Clear Cube

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  1. OMGosh for that price? That is kind of ridiculous to me!! I am so happy with my storage as it is right now!!

  2. Same here! No need to splurge on this…

  3. The site is in “maintenance mode” right now and not accepting orders. Not even a phone number to call and inquire. I found my acrylic drawers at; not as big, but cheaper and still does the trick.

  4. Hi Elizabeth! I just checked and the site works for me!


  6. I never mentioned the Kardashians, did I?

  7. Nancy Pierson Says: February 11, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    Be Careful They do crack and if they do there is no warranty and you are stuck with a cracked cube. A gal who purchased 3 of them posted on LisaLisaD1’s video that 2 or her drawers cracked in a 2 month time period. She contacted the company and they emailed her back that there is no warranty. THey did not do anything for her even with the amount of money she spent and also she got 3 of them. So far the other 2 are OK but Yes they can crack Beware

  8. has them for $175. That’s where I got mine and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and they ship right away! Thinking about getting another…The only thing is that theirs does not have the open top lid just the 5 drawers. But for half the price …who cares
    :-p Hope this helps girls!

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