Review: Black Radiance liquid eyeliner

Review: Black Radiance liquid eyeliner
30 Aug 2010

Black RadianceA few weeks ago I picked up a Black Radiance waterproof eye liner for a few dollars at Meijer (one of those giants stores here). Black Radiance is a cosmetics brand owned by Markwins, the company that also owns the very popular Wet ‘n Wild. Black Radiance is targeted at Afro American women. I think price wise the producs are about the same as Wet n Wild. Very inexpensive!

The eye liner is the 5th Black Radiance product I own: I already have two bronzers, a powder and a kohl eye liner. All great quality items, no complaints there. The eyeliner however… It’s liquid and the packaging states that it’s waterproof, smudgeproof and long lasting. It has a felt tip, which I prefer (much more precision).  But let me tell you…this product was a complete fail.

It does everything it’s not supposed to do: it smudges, it’s not waterproof and it definitely not long lasting. The horror below happened after only a few hours! And not just once, I tried this product on different days and the same thing kept happening.

Not cool! :-(
Black Radiance liquid eye liner

Now I’m looking for a new liquid eyeliner with a felt tip. Any suggestions?



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