Latest purchase: Urban Decay’s Hall of Fame

14 Jun 2010

I’m back with a small make up haul! I got this Urban Decay ‘Hall of Fame’ gift set a few weeks ago from Hautelook. I’m really excited about this set! These are all infamous products and the packaging is super adorable! This would definitely be a great gift for one of my girlfriends…But I’m selfish, so I’m keeping this set for myself…hah!

The gift set contains:

* an XL sized genie bottle of the Primer Potion for eyes (never tried this! I always use Too Faced shadow insurance)

* a mini-sized ‘Skyscrapper Multi-Benefit‘ black mascara (always handy to carry around in your purse!)

* a lipstick in ‘Urban Cowboy’ (a pretty beige-shimmer)

* a ‘Pocket Rocket’ lip gloss in ‘Timothy’ (an amazing creamy-coral with a pink glow – I actually already own)

* a mini ‘24/7 glide-on‘ eye pencil in zero (Allure magazine awarded it the ‘Best Eye Pencil’ for 2009)

Urban Decay

click to enlarge

See what I mean? This kit looks SO good and is MUCH more than it costs: originally $29.00, a $54.00 dollar value and I got it on Hautelook for only $14.50.
The Primer Potion alone costs $18.00….

So do you blame me for keeping this for myself?? 😉 If you want a review of anything, let me know!

Hautelook is a ‘members only’ site where they sell items at a reduced price. Lots of exclusive, limited-time, online sales! If you’re not a member of Hautelook yet, click here!



  1. Zo dat is lekker goedkoop! Ga je een review schrijven van die primer?

  2. Ja, echt een koopje 🙂
    Er komt zeker een review aan! Ik ga eerst m’n Too Faced opmaken, voordat ik deze open. Zonde anders!

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