Mood changing lipsticks are back!

Mood changing lipsticks are back!
19 Apr 2010

Mood lipstick

Last week I received a package all the way from Holland! 😉 It was sent by my sweet friend D. (you can find her at here) She sent me a very unique item, which she had written about on her blog. Thanks again, D!

She sent me an old skool beauty product that is making its way back:

A MOOD lipstick! A green one!

Too Faced Cosmetics, for example, came out with their mood swing lip glosses not too long ago. This mood lipstick I have is a tad different though. Unlike a mood ring (that changes according to your state-of-mind), this lipstick is supposed to change color based on your level of err…let’s call it…excitement? A sheer shade would mean that you’re not in the mood at all, whereas a deep pink would mean you’re ready to do it! (side note: I so hope my mom’s not reading this…)

Anyway, it will come to nobody’s surprise that after I received it, I did some online research on how ‘magic’ lipsticks work. I found this very well-written explanation. Check it out:

Magic lipsticks

source (click to enlarge)

That explains it all, right? Right! 😉 (just kidding, I still don’t get it!)

Above are some quick pictures of me trying it out for the first time. It’s a long lasting lipstick, but it is a bit drying. I would suggest combining it with a lip gloss / lip plumper (which D. happen to have sent me as well…I’d just forgotten to apply it).

So judging from the photos, can you tell what ‘state’ I was in? LOL!

ps. My mom-in-law is working on her 2nd guest blog! So stay tuned for that! :-)


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  1. LMAO Kizzy you really cracked me up with this post 😀

    I still don’t get how they ‘work’ either..
    .-= D´s last blog ..Memories… =-.

  2. Sorry! 😀

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