Recreate Rihanna’s makeup look!

03 Mar 2010

Rihanna makeup

I’ve covered Kim Kardashian’s favorite beauty products in this post and today I’m covering Rihanna!


Bold lashes, hard-edged cat eyes, futuristic bright colors, purple lips, hot pink eye liner, beautiful nude beachy glow...

That’s Rihanna, right? Love it! The person who is responsible for her amazing looks is celebrity makeup artist, Mylah Morales. You can find her on Twitter.

Mylah has been creating looks for Rihanna since the beginning of Rihanna’s career. Below you will find her 5 favorite beauty products to use on her. If you want to recreate Rihanna’s makeup look, the list below is a great way to start!

1. Giorgio Armani foundation
2. Christian Dior bronzer
3. Golden Orange Bobbi Brown Powder
4. Cover girl lash blast
5. Nars orgasm blush

And here’s a behind-the-scenes video from Rihanna’s AOL Session of her latest single, ‘Rude Boy’ (love this song!) You can catch a couple of glimpses of Mylah Morales in this clip.


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  1. RiRi looks amazing! At first I didn’t like this song, but it kinda grew on me haha

  2. Same here! I don’t want to sing the lyrics out loud, but I do like the song 😀

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