How to apply eye cream

17 Jan 2010

As you know, I recently purchased the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream.

Because I was a newbie at applying eye cream, I decided to gather some information and share it with you guys! Applying eye cream might not sound like a big deal, but the fact is: if you do it wrong, it might result in redness or swelling of the eye area….Not what you want!

Here are some tips:

* Start with a small dot on one fingertip. You don’t need a lot. Be sure to treat each eye equally, or else you could wind up looking funny…

* The next step is application. Dot little spots of cream on the bone area surrounding the eye. NOT on the skin right below your eye. Applying it to the bone area is the best thing to do, cause the eye cream WILL absorb into the skin and spread into the skin right under your eye.

* If you were to put the cream right under your eye, you would increase the chances of getting product into the eye, or into the lash area. This will cause swelling and irritation, so your eye area will look puffier (not the look we were aiming for!)

* Lastly, once you have applied the little dots around the bone area of both eyes, simply gently pat the dots until the product is absorbed. Pat, pat, pat… Don’t rub! Just gently pat, so that the cream will absorb into the skin.

Voila! 🙂 If there are any other tips you can add to this, let me know!


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