What really happens at Marie Claire

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Hi there! Remember me? I just spent the last two days watching this show (all 8 episodes!):

Running in Heels

Running in Heels

What Really Happens at Marie Claire

‘Running In Heels’ is a fashion reality television show that follows three interns working at the New York office of fashion magazine Marie Claire. It not only follows the interns, but also the Marie Claire staff. I loved it! Very very entertaining! The interns share an apartment together and they’re basically all bitches…. :-)

Here’s a promo:

I think that if you’re into fashion/magazines/reality shows you should definitely check this out!! It was aired in March (yep, a while ago!), but you can find all episodes online.

Thank you Barbara for pointing me to this!

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  • http://littleinsomniaclolita.blogspot.com Andhari

    Fashion related reality shows are always fun to watch. Will give this a peek :)