Bridal hairstyles…help me pick! (1)

19 Apr 2009

The wedding date hasn’t been set yet, cause we’re waiting for some documents to come in from the US, since my fiance (lol at me calling him that!) is American, as you might know. However, this doesn’t stop me from browsing through YouTubes (yes, that’s how I call it) and look at potential bridal hairstyles.

I’ve decided to do a series (this is part 1) and let you girls help me out!

Keep in mind:

– I have a lot of hair and it’s long (it literally touches my bum)

– It’s naturally very very curly, but I prefer to blow dry and straighten it (not chemically though, just with a flat iron)

– I can have it a little wavy/curly, I don’t mind that

– I have so-called ‘black hair’, but it’s pretty smooth and thin (if that makes sense!)

– I do NOT want an ‘updo’, since I want to use the length

– I don’t have bangs anymore

Which of the 4 videos below do you like best? Don’t forget to check out the videos!
Please vote and comment below 🙂

Potential Bridal hair
(click to enlarge)

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1. French hairdo

2. Holiday hair

3. Side-twisted ponytail

4. 70s angel hairstyle

Big thanks to all the ladies whose videos I embedded!



  1. #2! I love it and I think it would look nice on you. Does your hair have a tendency to get frizzy, kizzy? (ahahha, i had to) I know my straightened hair does and I’m sure you’ll be very active on your wedding day.If so, maybe number one is better. But number 2 is my favorite for you!

    pinkielarue?s last blog post..HAGELSLAG!

  2. I think it will depend on your dress and are you wearing a veil? My favorites are #2 and #4. (But I think I like #4 a tad bit more)

    daisy?s last blog post..Darn, darn, darn, I think I?m engaged again 😉 & Things you should NOT do when hitting on me

  3. It depends on the dress and veil. But to be honest, you should do something simple and timeless, so when you look at your pictures you won’t be like “look at that hairstyle!”. Something like simple waves or a chignon or a low ponytail. Try looking at celebrity wedding pictures for more ideas…it sounds like you have plenty of time!!!!

  4. it depends on your dress but 3 and 4 looks so pretty 🙂

    andhari?s last blog post..Maintaining Positive Thoughts

  5. ab-so-luut do 70″s style bij jouw gezicht, en zeker niet die eerste!!!

  6. I say the side ponytail.

    Ayprel?s last blog post..Peaks and Valleys

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