Guess the American icon!

11 Mar 2009

To celebrate Glamour’s 70th anniversary, the magazine came up with an awesome photo shoot! The session features well known celebrities, but they were in roles: all hot American icons.

Guess who pretty ms. Alicia Keys is supposed to be in this picture? The first person who guesses it (in the comments) gets a virtual shout out! 😉

Alicia Keys



  1. Michelle Obama!

    Suuz?s last blog post..E.L.F brushes

  2. @Suuz Yay!!! You’re the winner 😉

    If you click on the pic above, you can check out the rest of the American icon pictures 🙂

  3. SGE IS SOOO AWESOME as Michelle Obama! I love it!

    andhari?s last blog post..Breaking The Hundred!

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