Makeup Remover by Sephora

05 Mar 2009


I’ve been using these two products by Sephora for removing my makeup:

*Sephora FACE Purifying Makeup Remover (combination to oily skin)

*Sephora FACE Eye Makeup Remover

These are GREAT products. Non-oily, alcohol-free and non-greasy.

BUT (of course there’s a but), I want something that doesn’t just remove (eye) make up. I want it to remove makeup, cleanse, purify, moisturize, feed, nurture etc etc. Basically do all sorts of fantastic stuff to my skin. 😀 Any recommendations, ladies?


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  1. Unfortunately, the healthy cleanse I use from Cosmedicine does not moisturize. I don’t use moisterizer even though I should. It is used as a toner, cleanser, and makeup remover in one though. Have you tried it yet? You can get the mini bottle for $10. The bottle lasts about 2 weeks. When you wash, don’t use water until you remove the cleanser. I have been using the product for over 2 years. It is the longest cleanser product I have ever used.

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  2. @ayprel

    Cosmedicine? No, I’ve never heard of it. Is it oil-free? I’ll look it up online. Thanks!

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