Review: Fyrinnae cosmetics

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quick pic at work

I’ve been using my new Fyrinnae products for the last three days and so far…I’m really liking the brand! I know it’s been only a short while, but my skin always lets me know right away if I put something on it/ate something that it doesn’t like (which is a good thing, but also a bad thing!). So far my skin doesn’t mind Fyrinnae. :-)

Senna asked for a review, so here we go! I got the following products and I use them in this order:

Step 1. Powder Primer
On the site it says that this primer gives your skin a silky-soft feel and is perfect under foundation. It’s designed to gently absorb any excess oil without drying skin, as well as prime your skin for a more even, lasting application of mineral foundation. And I must say, it does its job! Especially in combination with the oil control mineral finish (step 3).

Step 2. Superpower Mineral Foundation
There’s a regular mineral foundation and there’s this: the ‘superpower’. This one is more suited for oily skin or high humidity conditions than the regular formula. I bought it the shade ‘amber’ (they are a lot of different shades!), which is slightly too light for me (as you can see in the picture above). It doesn’t look that bad, but I’m still going to order a shade that’s a big darker.

Step 3. Mineral Finish: Oil Control
This is a pure mineral Oil Control finishing powder. On the site it says that the powder gives a very soft shine-free glow and a powder-soft finish. I agree! After wearing it for an entire day (8+ hours), my skin is a little shiny, but not too much. And note that I have very oily skin, so normally my face is really shiny after less than an hour.

In conclusion: I give a big thumbs up!! :-D

And for those who are wondering…yes, my skin does look and feel a lot better! Thank god! And antibiotics. I’ve also been using a new cleanser and toner, but more about that in different post!

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  • Senna

    Wohoo! Thanks for this review, it is super helpful! I am always on the look out for makeup that doesn’t look ‘heavy’, can keep the shine at bay and that can actually make my skin look like it has a ‘natural’ glow to it. I am very tempted to try especially number 1 and number 3. I just bought two new primers (by GOSH and Avon) and wanted to give these primers a chance first before adding something new to the mix. Although come to think of it these are both liquid/ gel like primers so I guess it makes more sense to use a powder to keep that shine under control… The thing I always fear when using a powder is that it can get too drying which looks equally as awful. Having combination (and super sensitive) skin just sucks! Someday Ill find the perfect products that match my skin and until that day I am a happy makeup guinea pig ;-)

    Sennas latest blog post..Karen Millen

  • Senna

    ps: your skin doesn’t look bad at all in this picture so that means that either your meds are working for ‘ya or you have some excellent camouflaging skills.. Either way you look great! xx

    Sennas latest blog post..Karen Millen

  • kizzy

    Hi Senna!

    I think the trick is to use as little powder as possible, especially if you’re using 3 powders. If you use too much, your face will looks dry and dusty. But so far I have experienced that with these products. yay!

    Yes, my skin looks a lot better! I do think that in my head it was a lot worse that in real life but ok….
    The giant zits I had, are gone. I do have some red spots in my face (left overs), but that’s what the foundation is for ;-)
    Overall, it doesn’t itch anymore and it feels a lot softer.