Sensitive skin sucks!

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– Mineral Finish: Oil Control
– Powder Primer
– Superpower Mineral Foundation
– Lip Lustre Whee!, Dark Spiral and Ice Cream Party
– Tinsel Taupe and Colour-Changing: Lovers’ Quarrel

I promised you a picture post about the Fyrinnae products I received in the mail the other day, but I’m breaking my promise… For now at least.

My skin has been really bad this past week, so I’m trying to give it a break from any type of make up. I’m especially not putting on foundation or any kind of powder. It’s not only oily and acne prone, but it’s also super sensitive. I am allergic to (pea)nuts and shellfish, and my skin also reacts to hormonal changes and stress. So yeah, recently it’s been kinda upset (oily, dry, itchy, spots, bumps etc).

I’m not sure what the reason is this time, but I did go back to the doctor to get the antibiotics I’m used to getting. It’s called Clindamycine. Has anyone here every used this? It’s good stuff. It does the job. However, it’s smells very chemical (which it is of course) and it tastes chemical too (just ask my boyfriend!).

Anyway, no pics of me at the moment. Sowwy!

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  • Ayprel

    My acne has been horrible since I was 11 years old! I can COMPLETELY empathize with you. I know there are tons of millionaires due to my shopping addiction with finding the right foundation, etc. The only soap that works for me right now is called Cosmedicine. I get it at Sephora. Hopped over here from Dolciastro’s.

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  • kizzy

    @Ayprel Thanks for sharing!

    Some of those millionaires are there cause of me, trust me..

    Do you use Cosmedicine’s fash wash only? Or more than one product? I’d never heard of it before, but I’m checking out their website right now….

  • Senna

    Since I’m not sure if I am supposed to respond in Dutch/ English I am opting for English since the rest of your website is in English.

    I too have a very (and when I say very I mean VERY!!) sensitive skin. It Sucks! Although I don’t have acne prone skin, my skin can get very oily at my T-zone (not cute at all!) combined with dry spots and red cheeks. I am definitely not one of those women that can leave her skin unattended for a couple of days because my skin will just look terrible. I have actually also used Clindamycine for a long time. In the beginning I thought it was working for me however it made my problem worse. My skin looked shinier and oilier then it ever had and whenever I look back at pictures from this period I just want to burn them. Ok, moving on…
    I found that for me the only thing that seems to help is a good facial regimen with products that do not irritate my sensitive skin and keeping my life as stress free as possible. Hopefully you will find the answers to your skin problems too! Xx

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  • Kerstin

    Ahh das echt balen. Hopelijk gaat het snel voorbij!

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  • kizzy

    @Senna Thank you for the sweet words. I appreciate it!

  • Senna

    Your welcome ;-)

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