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10 Jan 2009

In 2007 MAC released a Barbie-themed makeup collection. I bought a lipstick, but the rest of the collection didn’t do much for me… Now in 2009 Stila has a collaboration with Barbie to celebrate her 50th birthday! Time flies, also for Barbie… And I’m a lot more excited about this one!

This (of course limited-edition!) collection will launch next month at Sephora stores. This includes international locations (yay me!) and online.

The collection will include four ‘Decades of Beauty‘ cans ($40):

1) Ponytail Doll, which commemorates the first Barbie in 1959

2) Malibu Barbie, from 1971

3) Foxy Doll, in honor of the first African-American doll released in 1980

4) Jewel Doll, from 2000

I’m so getting Foxy Doll as soon as she’s out! It has my name written all over it! 🙂



  1. OOOH i want the foxy doll too!!!!

  2. @pinkielarue
    It’s fierce, right? 😀 I’ll let you know when it’s out!!

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