Elicina snail cream to the rescue!

03 Sep 2007

snail cream

I’ve been using Elicina snail cream since the beginning of August and my skin looks better before. My cheeks still have red spots though… and some days are better than others. I’ve been noticing that my skins breaks out immediately after I eat peanuts or something like a Snickers bar. It turns red a few hours later and I get a few nasty zits. I’ll spare you the details.

But anyway.. today I went to the doctor (again), but this time I had blood drawn. I don’t like to have blood drawn at all. It’s not that I can’t stand the sight of blood, but it’s more that I always feel weak during and after the whole process. The last time I had it done, I actually fainted. But today I did good! I started sweating and shaking, but I didn’t pass out.

Allergic or not allergic, that’s the question now, I guess. I am curious to find out the test results. I already know that I’m allergic to shell fish, but if I’m allergic to nuts…I would have to change some of my eating habits. But that’s OK, as long as my skin improves, I’m one happy gal!

In the meantime, I’ll keep using my Elicina!



  1. i’m really jealous of people with great skin! mine is very sensitive, red spots, zits etc! i have been using products by Vichy lately. it’s pretty good! i hope you’re not allergic to anything, but then again if you are at least you know which products better to avoid!

    i’ve added your link as well! 🙂

  2. I still have to write a post about it, but it turns out that I’m not allergic to any kind of food at all.
    The news shocked me, cause I really thought it was caused by food. Now I still don’t know what is causing the redness…

    I’ve never tried Vichy products, maybe I will in the future! Right now I’m using Clinique cleanser and facial cream, which was pretty expensive..


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