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16 Apr 2007

Bare Minerals Sephora

I checked out Sephora while I was in France. It’s one of my favorite stores in the U.S., but unfortunately we don’t have it in Holland. Anyway, I looked around for a while and then I discovered i.d. bareMinerals. I heard about it before, but I hadn’t seen it in stores anywhere. Until now! This is what the sign right next to the products said:

Millions of women swear by i.d. bareMinerals the makeup that covers imperfections as it performs like a skincare treatment. Made with crushed minerals from the earth, bareMinerals are 100 percent pure (read: they won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin). Women with sunspots, acne, rosacea, and excessively dry, oily, or sensitive complexions claim i.d. bareMinerals improves the overall health and appearance of their skin. To boot, the silky formulas also contain natural sunscreens that protect your skinso much so that i.d. bareMinerals Foundation – SPF 15 Sunscreen is actually recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Now that’s what we call full coverage.

Now, that sounds very promising! Who doesn’t want a flawless face? I asked one of the sales persons which color would fit my skin best. She said ‘ Medium Tan 5.2

She put some on me and I liked what I saw! She used just a little bit of powder, but it looked pretty good. I kept it on for the rest of the day and I didn’t feel like I had make up one. I like it! I’m gonna start using it soon (I haven’t really been outside since I returned from France, except to go to my parents’ house and to go grocery shopping) and if I like it, I’m gonna buy the whole kit in the U.S. Because, of course, Sephora US is a lot cheaper than Sephora France. Hopefully before the end of the year!

Anybody here familiar with bareMinerals?


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